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InsideView is a professional services firm founded by Vasanth Thiruvadi, CPA and Sugam Sharma, CPA to help searchers and operators develop a holistic understanding of their SMB acquisition targets. 

We offer a variety of services tailored to your acquisition’s complexity, ensuring swift turnaround on all deliverables to maintain a simplified and painless acquisition process. 

We recognize that our core business revolves around people, so we make an effort to design our fees in a transparent manner that aligns completely with your success.

Service We Offer

Simplest form of diligence which we can turn around in 48 hours after receiving required materials.

Provides evidence about the existence and completeness assertions of transactions that were recorded on the books or bank statements.

An Excel covering:

  • Proof of Cash
  • Trailing Twelve Month EBITDA
  • Working Capital Analysis

An Excel and PDF report covering:

  • Proof of Cash
  • Trailing Twelve Month EBITDA
  • Working Capital Analysis
  • Ideal for banks and SBA lenders
  • Perfect for non-financial experts


Vasanth Thiruvadi


Vasanth assists first-time buyers in navigating the intricate due diligence process. He is a licensed CPA with a professional background spanning audit, financial operations, small business tax, and information systems.

Sugam Sharma


Sugam is dedicated to safeguarding first-time buyers from costly errors. He is a licensed CPA with extensive experience in establishing financial infrastructure for businesses of all sizes and guiding business owners in optimal operational strategies.


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